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About Me

My name is Dee Goldman and I have always liked grilling and smoking meats. I also enjoy a good Bourbon! So in 2021 I thought maybe I could combine the two and went to the local market to see if I could find a bourbon barbeque sauce. I was unsuccessful in my search, and after coming back empty handed I decided to create my own. I also thought, by developing my own flavor profile it could become my “signature sauce”. Meaning if you come to my house, you won’t get that “sweet” sauce or any other off-the-shelf mass produced sauces. Only my own Bour-B-Que will be served up. I developed a recipe and process that seemed to work well. I created an original and smoky flavor then asked friends and family for recommendations for improvement. I incorporated their suggestions and my homemade Bour-B-Que sauce was born. People like the original and smoky, however many (myself included) expressed they would like a spicier version. Now our current line up is: the Original (gold), Smoky (black), and Spicy (blue). If you like Bourbon, I think you will appreciate this sauce. I sincerely hope you like our craft and homemade sauces. enjoy!


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